About the Series

A gleeful ride into classic horror movie territory, season one of Stan Against Evil is an eight-part series following a gruff ex-sheriff who reluctantly teams up with his younger replacement to fight supernatural forces in their small hometown.

Stan Miller (John C McGinley) is the perpetually disgruntled former sheriff of a sleepy New Hampshire town who was forced into early retirement. While he struggles to relinquish authority to Evie Barret (Janey Varney), his tough and beautiful replacement, they must form an unlikely alliance when both begin to realise things are not quite right in their quaint New England home.

Together, they valiantly fight a plague of unleashed demons that have been haunting the town, which just happens to be built on the site of a massive 17th century witch burning. As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, Stan strikes a secret bargain to bring his wife back from the dead.

Director: Jack Bishop, Justin Nijm
Year: 2016
Cast: John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Deborah Baker Jr., Nate Mooney

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