About the Series

Jack’s back in this six-part thriller which takes us from the cultural atoll of Fitzroy to the bustling city of Manila in the Philippines, where Jack’s on-again-off-again lover Linda Hillier (Marta Dusseldorp) has landed a job as a foreign correspondent for an Australian newspaper.

As Jack and Linda say their final goodbye, it is clear that he has learned little about life, love or women. In the wake of Linda’s departure, Jack continues his important business on home soil – collecting debts, sanding cabinets, and seeing a man about a racehorse. But his fear of commitment is about to be well and truly tested by the arrival of Sarah Longmore (Claudia Karvan).

Seemingly out of the blue, Jack is engaged to track down a missing man, Wayne Dilthey (Dan Hamill). The investigation goes pear-shaped when his quarry is killed before his eyes. The client becomes an enigma and the job is revealed to be an elaborate set-up – one that now has Jack prime suspect for murder. Even his alibi is false – the alluring but unnerving metal sculptor, Sarah Longmore, claims to have been with Jack at the time. If all this isn’t disturbing enough, the only witness to the crime has taken off in his beloved Studebaker.

Meanwhile, in Manila, Linda’s journalistic instincts tell her she is on the trail of something big. But when the beginnings of her expose are quickly quashed, the opportunity of a lifetime begins to look like a dead end job – until a mysterious meeting with a criminal in hiding. But all is not what it seems…

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