The Many Faces of Whoopi Goldberg

Ah, good ol’ Whoopi. She’s won an Emmy, an Oscar, a Tony, and even a Grammy. The sheer talent of Whoopi Goldberg transcended the expectations of many, despite maintaining the wits and goofs about her. Her iconic performance in Ghost added just the right amount of comedy in a movie that threatened tears, and made it the perfect romantic fantasy film, but where else have you seen her?



Whoopi Goldberg wins a contest to become the New York Knicks coach. It sounds ridiculous, but playing a limo and an ardent fan of the Knicks, to an NBA coach and dealing with prima donnas that made up the team. All of that and dealing with her team’s owners, this one turned out to be one of Whoopi’s finest performances.


Sister Act

Whoopi went from a charlatan psychic in Ghost, to her role in Sister Act. Having witnessed a mob crime during her days of being a renowned singer, Whoopi’s character had to be hidden as a nun by the police for her safety. Hilarity ensues when she finds trouble fitting in, but days get better just in time.


The Long Walk Home

The Long Walk Home takes you way back to the 50s era that drew a line between the colours in South of United States. Whoopi Goldberg’s impassive performance as an African-American maid serving her Caucasian employers turned out to stirring effect.

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