Romantic Comedies That Split Even Before They Began

Ah, love, how we love to talk about love. Love, that oh-so elusive concept, has acquired an almost mythic status in our culture and consciousness. It’s no wonder, then, that the delightful rom-com has become a staple in our media diet. Our favourites, however, are the ones that not just have, but begin with a twist – the tragic end of a relationship. Here are three that start off with the ultimate breakup: a divorce.


It’s Complicated

First off, you just can’t go wrong when you have both Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin playing the leads. Divorced for years, Streep and Baldwin’s characters end up in a lusty affair after an innocent meal together. Everything seems fine, until Jane (Streep) finds out that Jake (Baldwin) is now remarried and she’s somehow become the other woman. It’s a warm, bittersweet movie that shows us how love can endure years after the supposed end of a relationship.


Mr Wonderful

Still great more than two decades on, Mr Wonderful follows the story of an electrician who has a dream – specifically, that of buying a bowling alley. The only catch? The only way he can afford to do that is if he no longer has to pay his ex-wife alimony. What ensues is a series of events where he tries to set her up with someone else – only to discover in the process that his feelings for her have rekindled.


Crazy Stupid Love

Hilarious and heart-warming, Crazy Stupid Love will have you rooting for the hapless Cal (Steve Carrell) as his marriage to his high school sweetheart starts to unravel. When smooth and handsome Jacob (Ryan Gosling) takes Cal under his wing, things appear to be on the mend – but can Cal really manage to shake off the past?

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