4 Workers’ Rights Violations Suffered by HUMANS’ Synths

The Synths in Humans might be little more than engineered hardware, but they still deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect and decency. In light of the upcoming Employee Legal Awareness Day, we’d like to call public attention to these 4 gross workers’ rights violations suffered by our Synth counterparts:


1) Unreasonable Working Hours

blog11A Synth’s work is never done, or so you would think, given the kind of mentality the Synth’s human owners tend to have. Even if they’ve been cooking, cleaning, and scrubbing for the last 12 hours, Synths are expected to keep going until their circuits fry and grant them a merciful death—heaven forbid an android get a day off every once in a while. We’ve seen sweatshops with better working hours than these.


2) Absence of Remuneration

When you work your employees to the bone and refuse to give them a cent for their troubles, your employees cease to become workers and start becoming slaves. Sure, you might argue that Synths have no need for paper currency, to which we’ll say: haven’t you heard of bitcoin?


3) Forced Employment Past Retirement Age

Domestic helpers typically reach a point in their life where they come to the end of their faithful service, and are allowed to retire peacefully. This courtesy is apparently not extended to the Synths, as evidenced by the fact that Dr. George Millican keeps Odi around, despite the android being well past his expiry date. Given the frequency with which we upgrade our mobile phones and computers, surely it’s not too much to ask to put this old robot to cyber-pasture?


4) Sexual Exploitation


Here’s the dark secret Synth employers don’t want you to know: Life as a working Synth adult is rife with sexual harassment. Just ask Anita, who was purchased by her employer to be his new housekeeper, but ended up becoming his bed-mate instead. Even working girls aren’t exempt from this maltreatment—Niska had to straight up murder a client for being too demanding with his lurid requests. When even androids aren’t safe from the frisky attentions of mankind’s horndogs, it’s a clear sign that intervention is long overdue.


Stamp out the divide between man and machine—stand up for Synth rights today!

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